Save Money Eating Out At Restaurants

Eat Out for Less

Save money on family meals in restaurants Many families are watching the pennies these days, but that shouldn’t mean compromising on fun treats such as the occasional meal out. It’s possible to save money on restaurant bills if you know how to track down special dining discounts, read on to find out more.

Many of the big chain restaurants offer vouchers which can be redeemed against food and drink purchases. Check the advertising pages in your local newspapers, and find out whether your favourite restaurants and family diners have websites where you may be able to print off coupons to take on your next visit.

Also, go online to sign up to customer newsletters to receive discounts by email and ensure that you get the best offers delivered direct to your inbox. Some restaurant websites regularly send out 2-for-1 offers and vouchers for free starters and desserts.

At the restaurant, think about sharing a large starter or dessert, or skip these altogether. It’s easy to get tempted by huge platefuls of food and to forget what a normal sized portion looks like –but chances are you’ll end up leaving half of the food on your plate. Not only will your waistline thank you for sharing your food, but you’ll save a significant amount on your bill.

Many diners feel shy about asking for tap water rather than expensive drinks, but this can be another great way to save cash. If you really must have a soft drink with your meal, seek out restaurants which offer free refills or ‘bottomless’ glasses.

Save money on family restaurant mealsIf you fancy some wine with your meal, don’t be tempted into ordering a full bottle when a single glass will do. The same rule applies to other alcoholic beverages such as beer – order a glass on draught and sip it slowly rather than purchasing expensive bottled lagers which go down all too quickly!

Learning to chew and savour your food is also a useful tip – taking time to enjoy each mouthful will make you feel fuller for longer. Also make sure you order one course at a time. Most restaurant food is extremely rich, so leaving longer gaps between courses will allow you to decide whether you actually want a dessert, or whether you can go without.

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