Cho Yung – Slimming and Weight Loss Tea

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Health Benefits of Green Tea

Tea is very good for you, and green tea is arguably the most beneficial to health as it is packed with antioxidants, compounds that protect other substances from oxidation.

Antioxidants help protect cells from destructive free radicals; these actions include ageing, weak immunity and irregular metabolism. The Chinese have been using Tea for hundreds of years as an aid to slimming. However, the use of Tea isn’t just ancient folk law – recent studies published in leading journals by experts in Thailand, China and America clearly state that drinking Tea has many health benefits.

  • Green tea can increase energy usage, and positive effects on weight management have been shown using green tea.
  • Green tea is consumed widely across Asia, where the rate of cancer is much lower than other parts of the world.
  • Cho-Yung Tea™ is a safe and natural way to improve health and lifestyle. It is not a medicine in any way. Many people feel that natural products are safer for their digestive systems and overall, long-term health.
  • Cho-Yung Tea oxidises fat, instead of blocking its absorption.
  • There is no need to take costly, supplements or vitamins, as
    Cho-Yung Tea does not deplete any minerals or vitamins.

Cho-Yung Green Tea Ingredients

In its blend, Cho-Yung has specifically included traditional herbs and plants that support the weight loss process by purifying the body’s cells, optimising digestion and supporting the essential organs.

If you are selecting a tea that may help with a slimming regime, make sure you choose one that contains a range of quality ingredients, like Cho-Yung tea. In descending order, by weight, our ingredients include:

  • Oolong Tea a traditional Tea leaf partially sun dried and then treated with high heat, to stop oxidation.
  • Lotus leaf to cleanse the spleen, and optimise digestion and metabolism.
  • Hawthorn (or ‘Crataegus Pinnatifida’), renowned for assisting digestion and promoting good health.
  • Alisma rhizome, used to support the body’s organs (notably the kidney, bladder and urinary tract), and help expel excess toxins. (‘Rhizome’ refers to the nutritious stem of the plant).
  • Cassia seeds used to support the internal organs, notably the liver, kidney and large intestine. The seeds may also be used to treat constipation.
  • Jiaogulan (or Southern Ginseng), a herbaceous plant with a renowned regulating effect.
  • Poria a traditional fungus used as a tonic for the internal organs, notably the heart, spleen and kidney. (Classed as a ‘longevity herb’, as it assists the immune system.)

Cho Yung Tea is sold on the high street in big brand retailers such as Harrods and Holland & Barret. However, you can buy it quickly and at a reduced price this month from Amazon. Hurry here for a special offer on Cho-Yung Tea – buy now at trusted retailer Amazon UK!

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