Get Fit For Less

Save Money On Regular Exercise

Save money on gym fees Thousands of people join the gym each year in an effort to get fit and lose weight, but for many the good intentions are soon forgotten and the monthly direct debit membership fees become a real drain on finances. Read on to discover ways of keeping fit for less.

If you’re looking to improve your overall fitness, but don’t want to get tied into a contract, it’s worth knowing that many gyms now offer free trials, which allow you to sample what’s on offer before committing yourself. Most of the big gyms will give you a free one-day pass – all you need to do is visit their websites online and sign up. The Gym Website has all the latest deals from clubs such as Fitness First, LA Fitness and LivingWell.

Alternatively, if you know a friend or family member who regularly attends a local gym, ask if they have any free guest passes. Many health clubs give these to members in the hope that they will recommend others to join once they’ve tried the facilities for free.

Once you’ve decided to join a gym, try asking the staff at reception to see what deals they can give you. The lowest prices can often be negotiated during the summer months when most people have abandoned the New Year’s fitness resolutions that they made in January.

If you’re in the fortunate position of living somewhere with multiple gyms, don’t be afraid to haggle with the reception staff – you can save significant amounts of money if you’re prepared to be forceful and have the option to take your business elsewhere.

Save money on gym fees by running in your local park To save even more cash, check out the fitness facilities at your council leisure centre or local college/university campus. There may not be many frills such as juice bars and fancy changing rooms but you can usually pay per visit, meaning that you’re not tied in to a contract.

Many fitness activities, such as walking, running and cycling can be done completely free of charge in your own neighbourhood. Even a half-hour trip to the park with your neighbour’s dog can prove to be a real workout if you have the energy!  Or if you prefer to exercise with a friend, why not buy a fitness DVD or a copy of Wii Fit and have a giggle trying to keep up with all the moves?

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