Find Cheap Rail Fares

Take The Financial Strain Out Of The Train

Cheap travel by train in the UK The UK has a very extensive rail network and it’s often overlooked in our love for our motor cars. But you may find that letting the train take the strain from your journey is often not only quicker but can even be cheaper than using the car.

Here are our favourite tips for saving money on rail fares:

Plan ahead

You can get your best fare deals by booking weeks in advance. Even booking the night before you need to travel can save you a considerable amount over buying the ticket when you arrive at the station.

Get a railcard

If you spend over £80 a year on rail fares it would be worth checking out the options for buying a railcard. They cost £18-£26 depending on the particular card and can save you 1/3 on fare prices. Read about the various types at and order one online or at your local station.

Use the web wisely

By far the largest savings can come from investigating prices online. It may take a little work but the savings can be huge:

  • Advice on buying cheap train tickets in the UK and have amazing offers on some routes, as low as £1 for a single!
  • and let you easily compare prices for travelling at different days and times to find the lowest prices for your chosen route.
  • lists special offers by train company so you can easily hunt for bargain fares for the rail operators where you live or where you’re planning a visit to.

Don’t always buy a return

If you’re using the websites listed above, it’s worth checking to see if it would be cheaper to buy 2 single tickets rather than a return ticket. It seems contradictory, but you will sometimes find special prices are available 1 way that makes it much cheaper to buy singles.

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