Save Money on a Bicycle

5 Ways to Save Money on a Bicycle

Save money when buying a bike Cycling is undergoing a real surge in popularity in the UK. Studies have shown a continual year on year increase in the number of people taking to two wheels and the fresh air.

As well as the undeniable health benefits of the regular aerobic exercise, many thousands of people are using their bikes to save money by leaving the car at home. With the cost of motoring estimated by the AA as at least 20p per mile, using a bike to replace a regular short journey to work or the shops could save you hundreds of pounds a year! It makes sense that if you only use the cycling machines at your gym, why not get on a real bicycle instead? You can cycle somewhere to spend the money you have saved on gym fees!

If you are planning to become a cyclist or looking to replace a bike that may have seen better days, we have some top tips for saving you money on your purchase:

  • Sign up for newsletters from the major online bike retailers such as Halfords, Wiggle and Evans Cycles. They often have really special offers and their prices are already generally lower than you will find in shops.
  • If you are buying online, check and see if the store you want to buy from is offering discount codes or cashback to shoppers. You can do this through one of the well know cashback and voucher code websites, such as
  • If you aren’t worried if you buy new or secondhand, take a look on eBay. There are some great bikes on offer and some stores use ebay to sell their end of line or shop soiled items at big discounts. is another great source of secondhand bargains.
  • If you are buying in a shop, be bold and try and haggle a deal to get your safety gear thrown in free.
  • Check to see if your company has signed up to the government’s Cycle to Work scheme.  You could save nearly 50% on the price of a new bike through this subsidised tax-free scheme.

Buy a bike cheap through the Cycle To Work scheme

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